My diary in English①

Hi there!! Tetto is here.

So today, let me write down my diary in English here my blog because I felt disappointed about my English skills; especially my Listening and Speaking skills.

Let’s get started…

My current situation

I have spent time here in Austin about 1 month since I came here at Dec 29, 2019. Also, I have spent 10 days since I moved to live my student dormitory, The Castilian. Gradually, I used to live here, and I made some friends. That is a good thing!!! Actually, to make friends is one of my goals that I want to come true. I owe them to spend fun time everyday. In addition, I ain’t worrying about mentality anymore!! When I din’t have any friend; I mean I was alone, I was really sad, and I got a kind of sick. However, I’m now feeling comfortable because of my friends!! Yesterday, I hung out with friends for the first time in foreign country. Also, it was the first time to hang out with foreign people!! This experience won’t be gone forever. It was really fun. So, my life in the United States is going well!
Friends are very important for me.

what I am facing

As I said, I’m not anxious about life. However, I am facing a big wall in my class and dairy situation. The wall is “the level of communication”. Before I came here, I thought that to make friends is the most difficult thing in other country, but it was wrong. That is because everyone is really kind and friendly. Hence, I got friends easily with my weak communication skills in English. I recently have noticed one thing. That is I often don’t understand what my friends say, they are talking. My English skills are not enough to communicate with them smoothly. Consequently, I couldn’t create a good relationship with them. I want to communicate with them like my Japanese friends!! Surprisingly, my classmates are all able to speak and listen to English like native speakers. They are almost native speakers!!! So, it’s really hard for me to be involved in the class and to explain what I think to classmates and teacher. If I have a problem, and I wanna ask some questions, every classmates except for me understand about what professor said, so I didn’t ask.

If I can understand at least what they say or material say, I could share with them our opinion. However, it is too difficult for what I am. I wanna communicate with friends more. I wanna study more in English. I wanna talk with friends smoother. I wanna be the English speaker like them.

Differences between Japanese and other languages

From my experiences, Japanese is so different from other language and independent. That is because we use “Hiragana”, “Katakana” and “Kanji” instead of alphabet. Moreover, we don’t have accent and intonation in our language. That’s why it is difficult to speak English or other language like Spanish. So, there are a lot of differences.

When I came back my dormitory with my friends by bus as always, we talked about languages. They can speak Spanish, but their accent is different from each other. That is interesting for me. Japanese is spoken only in Japan so that we can’t compare with other country about languages. At that time, I thought if I understand a lot of languages, my life would be more interesting!!

What I want to say

Anyway, I am so depressed about my English. However, I wanna overcome it, and I wanna create better relationship with friends in here!! To make it come true, I should be able to understand all English spoken everywhere and every situation.

But now, I still need a help from my friends about English. That is why I really appreciate them accepting me kindly!!!

I am suffering from communicating right now. Also, I am not confident about it. However, I want to get along with them more!!! That is why I keep studying…….

Last but not least

I would say my article readers.

This article is not “formal writing”. It means that it is like “oral English”. Please make sure of it.

Thank you for all my surroundings.

So, keep on studying…